Punta Cana

62 miles of Atlantic and Caribbean coastline, resort amenities, and turquoise waters framing white sand beaches make this town a true balneario.

What is it about Latin American and Iberian resort towns that inspired those who experience them to put them in a category all their own? Visit Punta Cana, and you’ll find out exactly what balnearios are all about: hassle-free, beachside vacations where relaxing on a beach lounger in front of jaw-dropping ocean views for a week straight is basically the status quo.

If you’re wondering what to do on the Punta Cana, the answer very well could be nothing. Sprawling resorts, some the size of small cities—and with just as many amenities—make not lifting a finger during your visit a tangible possibility. Picture a day spent in a hammock doing little more than gazing out over the open sea and daydreaming about the creatures within it—that can be your getaway.

But that doesn’t mean travelers who desire more adventure can’t enjoy the area, too. Punta Cana has more watersports than you can shake a paddle at, such as sailing, deep-sea fishing, snorkeling, and swimming with the locals: sharks, dolphins, and stingrays. It’s the especially savvy traveler who combines relaxation and the water with activities like enjoying a massage on a floating spa, or reclining in a harness while ziplining over the beach. See? Multi-tasking does work.

Looking for fun things to do in Punta Cana where you’ll stay dry all day? Head to the nearest city center, Bavaro, for some local eats and some of the best shopping in Punta Cana—both of which pair nicely with a cuba libre (a rum and cola with a slice of lime) or two.

What pairs well with a pair of flip-flops and a budget? Travelocity’s Punta Cana vacation packages, of course. Book yours today and your balneario experience will be truly hassle-free.