Las Vegas

A surreal, neon-lit skyline dotted with world-renowned landmarks. A pyramid that shoots a white beam of light into the black space above. This is “America’s Playground.”

Wondering what to do in Las Vegas? Everything and anything. It’s almost impossible not to ride the adrenaline rush that fuels this town. One of the best things to do for free in Vegas is walk down The Strip or Fremont, where you’ll pass larger-than-life edifices to entertainment, streets brimming with buskers, and of course the deals of a lifetime. And you haven’t even stepped inside the casinos yet.

Once inside, stop by endless tables of blackjack, roulette, and craps where you can win a fortune and bust in a matter of minutes. And whether you’re carrying $50 or $5,000, Las Vegas will always let you have a seat at the table. Placing a bet (no matter how small) is a must-do in Vegas for first timers.

Still, there’s more than a mirage of full houses, royal flushes and fast fortunes. Las Vegas (Spanish for “the meadows”) contains natural beauty to parallel the shining artificial. You may be surprised to find several parks and even wetlands. A hike or horseback ride through Red Rock Canyon’s windswept, Mars-like terrain offers a much-needed escape from the glitz and glam of the casinos.

Hungry? There’s no end of high-end shopping and celebrity chef-owned restaurants. Las Vegas houses three of the nine steakhouses in the U.S. that serve certified Kobe beef. And after you eat, spend an afternoon admiring pieces by Nancy Rubin and Claes Oldenburg at the City Centre, or step in from the heat and check-out the Kenney Scharf murals at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Las Vegas

Where is the Las Vegas sign?

The iconic Welcome to Las Vegas sign is located at the southern end of the strip at 5100 South Las Vegas Boulevard. It greets millions of drivers from Southern California and other locations while marking the unofficial boundary of the Las Vegas Strip.

What does Las Vegas mean?

The Spanish words "las vegas" mean "the meadows" in English. While that may seem like a strange name for a city in the middle of the desert, its first settlers found the area relatively green due to some artesian wells.

How many casinos are in Las Vegas?

While you can meet Lady Luck at a slot machine in almost any convenience store or restaurant in the Las Vegas area, there are officially 104 casinos with table games and 15 or more machines.