Lake Tahoe

With the “Golden State” on one side, the “Silver State” on the other, and a beautiful body of water situated right in between the two, this High Sierra lake town is the epitome of a mountain paradise.

Nestled amongst the snow-capped mountain peaks and towering pine trees, Lake Tahoe has evolved from a remote mining outpost into one of the premier vacation destinations on both sides of the state line. It even hosted the 1960 Winter Olympics! Lieutenant John C. Fremont, who visited the lake during an expedition in the 1840s, would be proud. Today, instead of hammer and nail mining shacks, there’s sprawling gaming resorts and luxury ski lodges dedicated to making your trip unforgettable. But the things to do in Lake Tahoe don’t all revolve around the outdoor activities on the lake or in the mountains. Meander your way across that thin state line and try your luck at the mega-casino resorts like Harvey’s and the Hard Rock. The question of what to do in Lake Tahoe may come down to how lucky you feel.

When’s the best time to take advantage of Lake Tahoe vacation packages? There is no wrong answer. If you enjoy the sight of snow flurries dancing through the air and early morning powder sessions, the time of year when Jack Frost casts his spell over the land is for you. The list of things to do in Lake Tahoe in winter is really just an endless agenda of fun. The slopes of nearby resorts like Heavenly and Squaw Valley provide open canvases to paint with your skis. And the lake? Well, that is the thing to do in Lake Tahoe in summer. Kayaking through the sparkling blue waters of Emerald Bay will be an adventure you’ll want to write home about.

It really doesn’t matter to us what season you choose to visit. What matters to us is that you go. Dream, pack, go, and wander your way through the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lake Tahoe

How deep is Lake Tahoe?

Lake Tahoe is an impressive 1,645 ft. deep. It's the largest alpine lake in North America, and a bright blue gem in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.

How do I fish in Lake Tahoe?

If you ask local experts they'll tell you all their unique tricks to fishing this enormous body of water, but they all tend to keep it simple. The key is to be prepared for catching anything from 10 lb. rainbow trout to smaller 5 lb. mountain whitefish. Make sure you pick up the required state sport fishing license before you cast a line.

How was Lake Tahoe Formed?

Lake Tahoe was formed through a series of geological activity-specifically vertical faulting-that created basins throughout the region. The landscape of Lake Tahoe continues to change over thousands of years of environmental factors, but one thing stays the same-it's stunning!