The palmetto palms sway in the warm afternoon breeze as you wander the historic streets of Rainbow Row. The pastel-hued houses are perfect welcome signs to “Holy City.”

“Southern charm” takes on a new meaning in the city of Charleston, South Carolina. And it’s not just the friendly locals who treat you like you’re a long lost relative; it’s the easygoing atmosphere of the parks along the waterfront, the eye-candy buildings along East Bay Street, and the eclectic energy of the historic City Market. The market has been in continuous use since the 1790s, and sells everything from Gullah sweetgrass baskets and handmade jewelry to delicious Southern dishes like Frogmore stew.

Forget looking at history—instead, ride into it! Carriage rides are among the best things to do in town and will open your eyes to some of the most beloved Charleston, South Carolina, points of interest: the French Quarter, St. Mary’s Catholic Church, and Liberty Square. You’ll feel like a city historian by the time you make your way home.

It’s no secret that Southern cuisine is famed for its hearty flavors; you’ve no doubt sampled the fried chicken and cornbread pudding at some point. But it’s the food coming out of the Lowcountry that may change your life. Especially at some of the best places to eat in Charleston. Bring your appetite to Hyman’s Seafood, because the shrimp and grits plate is about the size of a manhole cover.

The reason for your trip to South Carolina’s Lowcountry doesn’t concern us all that much. Whether it’s a short business jaunt or an extended vacation, we want you to book one of our Charleston vacation packages. The palmettos, the history, the food, and the charm. What more could you ask for?

Frequently Asked Questions about Charleston

When was Charleston founded?

Charleston, South Carolina, was founded in 1670 and named after King Charles II of England. It became the capital of the Carolina settlement and an important port city for The New World.

Why is Charleston called the Holy City?

Throughout the city's history, it has attracted settlers of all faiths, from numerous Protestant denominations to Roman Catholics to Jews and more. There was an uncommon level of religious tolerance here for the time period, so Charleston became known as the Holy City.

Where is the Amtrak station in Charleston, SC?

Located in North Charleston between the Ashley and Cooper Rivers, the depot is easy to spot because of its alternating bands of red brick and green concrete. Its address is 4565 Gaynor Avenue, and it's just minutes from Charleston International Airport.