Experience world-class art, secluded cobblestone streets, and the cling-cling of bells in the bicycle-loving, cultural hub of The Netherlands.

If there’s one word that sums up Amsterdam perfectly, it’s gezellig. While there isn’t an exact English translation, it’s a term that means something like cozy, convivial, relaxed. That might seem surprising, since Amsterdam is the largest city in the nation, but this place is about as laid-back as a city can get. Experience gezellig for yourself while enjoying your morning cup at cafes that are older than your great- great-grandparents. You’ll find these establishments next to artisan Dutch gin distilleries, hidden gardens, and shops that sell odds and ends like velvet ribbon and bric-a-brac.

If you’re wondering what to do in Amsterdam, simply rent a bike and let its wheels guide you. Of course, a city known as Venice of the North also offers plenty of canal-cruising vessels that are lovely to get around in. No matter what the vehicle, sooner rather than later, you’ll find yourself within gazing distance of a masterpiece or two. Native legends like Van Gogh and Rembrandt live on in museums dedicated to their work, while pieces by Matisse, Mondrians, and many others have found homes in institutions such as Stedelijk Museum and even an outpost of Russia’s famous Hermitage Museum.

Looking for things to do in Amsterdam at night? Hold onto your hat, because this is when the city gets a little racy. From unique cafes to the perfectly legal red light district, Amsterdam has far more to offer than the typical bar and club scene—although, it has that too. You know what they say: what happens in Amsterdam…

Whether your adventures here are social-media friendly or NSFW (not safe for work), our Amsterdam vacation packages are the gateway to them all. Book today to start yours!